mQ® Ohana

mQ® Ohana

mQ® Ohana

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The mQ® Ohana has the following functions:

  • stone oven with changeable grill or baking function (due to the patented changing table)
  • plancha
  • grill
  • countertop made of San Bernardino granite
  • drawer system
  • Automatic changeover valve for LPG bottles
  • power socket (e.g. for an induction cooker, frier,...)

What you can do with:

Everything, the possibilities are limitless ...

breakfast, lunch or dinner

stone oven: pizza, bread, vegetables, meat, ...
plancha: steak, hamburgers, fish, scampi, vegetables, eggs, ...
grill or grill oven: sausage, steak, fish, ...

And all this is possible for only one person as well as for a huge family

Whether you are cooking for just one person, or a huge family, the mQ® Ohana has you covered.

baken fish inside oven


A sausage can be done fast inside the grill oven. During the preparation of the salad, the sausage gets broiled inside the grill oven. One turn of the sausage is enough to get it beautifully crispy all around. You don't need to reach inside the oven, just pull out the grill drawer out and you can turn the sausage. Afterwards, push it back inside.

The same applies to pizza. The only thing to do, is to add the cordierite plate to the oven. This is simply done with the changing table which allows you to move the 15 kg plate with two fingers. The mechanics of the changing table are unique and we are the only producer.

These were just 2 possibilities of what you can do with the many functions of the mQ® Ohana.

mQ® Ohana oven

Plancha or Grill

The plancha (span. hot iron) can be used for nearly everything. It can be used for eggs (sunny side up), omelette, bacon, ... to hamburgers, rib eye steaks or fish with vegetables and so on. You can let your cook imagination run wild.
Do you like to barbecue? That's no problem, just fold up the plancha and use the subjacent grill.

The oven and the plancha can be used in combination to get a delicate piece of meat. Just roast the piece of meat on the plancha and then refine it in the oven.

mQ® Ohana plancha cooking station


The mQ® Ohana is easy to clean. The drawer system allows you to pull out the collecting pan and the stainless steel can just be scrubbed until it sparkles again. There is no longer the need to "crawl" inside the grill or the oven to clean it.
The plancha can be cleaned by just using water. For this we created the collecting pan large enough to gather all of the water without spilling.

cleaning system for mQ® Ohana

Automatic changeover valve for a double LPG bottle system

The mQ® Ohana owns a double LPG bottle system, which makes it self-sustaining. Even if an LPG bottle runs out of gas during usage, the system automatically changes to the second one. This implies that the flame won't extinguish and you can change the LPG bottle as soon as it is convenient to you.

Automatic changeover valve for a double LPG bottle system


The mQ® Ohana countertop is a swiss granite, which is mined in Grisons. It can be choosen between San Bernadino Silver (silver granite) or Andeer Granite (green granite).

mQ® Ohana Andeer Granite countertop (green)
mQ® Ohana San Bernadino Silver granite countertop (silver)


Price (Inkl. 7.7% VAT, from factory) 9500.- CHF
Length, Width, Height 2000 mm, 900 mm, ∼1200 mm
Weight approx. 500 kg
High-quality Materials stainless steel, cordierite plate, San Bernardino granite

Our mQ® Ohana is produced in Switzerland (Zünd AG in Oberbüren) with the highest Swiss Quality!

Coming soon

The mQ® Ohana can be viewed in our showroom after making an appointment (now) (site plan).

Available after CE type examination

Estimated launch: early 2019


Feel free to contact us with any question or concerns.

Tel.: +41 71 955 90 00

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