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We are a family enterprise which is specialized in sheet metal forming, especially in the stainless sector for food and the chemical industry. Simultaneously cooking and grilling is a passion of the owner - family. Our mQ® outdoorkitchen eliminates the most annoying elements which were disturbing our cooking pleasure the past!

for example:

  • nothing is enameled, teflon, chromed or painted
    With food we make no compromise at the materials
  • NO thin materials that will rost and get damaged easily
    Everything is stainless steel and nothing is undeveloped
  • LPG bottles have a habit of always running out in the most critical moments during grilling / outdoor-cooking
    Our mQ® Ohana has an automatically changeover valve for LPG bottles, in case of emptiness of the first bottle, the system will switch to the remaining full LPG bottle
  • simple to use
  • waste drawers
    simple to clean
  • LPG bottle drawer
    makes changing of the LPG bottles easy
  • no intermadiate trade
    best price merit ratio due to direct marketing

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