mQ Disinfector

Swiss quality hand disinfector

1'350.- CHF (exkl. taxes, EXW)

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foot pedal

By using the foot pedal, the mQ Disinfector will spray a well dosed disinfectant portion. Your hands get exempted from bacterias and germs, without you being able to distribute them further.

Cleaning made Easy

With help of its drip pan, the mQ Disinfector will catch all the excess disinfectant. To clean it, we recommend a soft cloth. To guarantee hygiene, spray some fresh disinfectant onto the soft cloth and wipe over drop pan, nozzle mount and the remaining surface,

Made of Stainless Steel (V4A)

Bacterias and germs have much lower reproduction rate on a stainless steel surface compared to plastic.
Looking for the material most hygienic, most durable and most easiest for cleaning, we built the mQ Disinfector with high quality stainless steel (V4A).

Spraying Technology

Our spraying technology generates a evenly distributed disinfectant beam. This reduces the risk of none disinfected areas on the users palm, and additionally, less disinfectant is used for properly dininfect the whole palm.

Advertising Space / Greeting Area

The mQ Disinfector has an ideal advertising space, which can be customised to your needs. Whether laser marking, special painting or even more specific requests. We would be happy to offer you your needs against extra fees.

5l Dinsinfectant Capacity

The mQ Disinfactor has 5l disinfectant capacity which results in approximately 3000 disinfections

Battery Powered

The mQ Disinfector has a battery powered pump, which generates the ideal pressure for the perfect disinfectant beam. The pump is operated with 9 commercially available AA batteries


Our mQ Disinfector is built with two wheels. Thanks to those two wheels and the battery powered pump, the mQ Disinfector is very flexible and can be placed to your needs.

Made in Switzerland by Zünd AG

Despite the corona crisis and its hurdles, we as a Swiss company are extremely proud to be able to do something for humanities hygienes and its health and are convinced that the mQ Disinfector will do his job for exactly that vision, too.


If you have any suggestions and/or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Our contact persons Marcel Moosmann, Norbert Moosmann or Notker Stillhard will be happy to advise you.